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May 30th, 2017

Limited Edition prints (limited to 350 only) are taken from an original oil painting by Jocelyn Galsworthy entitled “Repton Pilgrims Cricket Week - Repton School”.

Jocelyn Galsworthy has been painting professionally for over 40 years and has gained an enviable reputation for painting School and Test arenas all over the world including the 2005 Ashes series.

Her work was published in the book entitled “White Hats & Cricket Bats” which was foreworded by Henry Blofeld who said:

“Her talents are unique just as her presence under her white sun hat and idiosyncratic mini umbrella, at any and every major cricketing occasions, stamps it with the final seal of authenticity and approval”.

The retail price unframed is £80.00 plus £10.00 post and packing. Available from C M Boulton, 1 Tudor Hollow, Fulford, Stoke on Trent ST11 9NP. Tel:01782 397408. Email: The retail price framed is £145.00 inc VAT.

Delivery or collection of framed prints to be arranged with Mark Boulton. Framed prints will not be posted. The Repton Pilgrims will receive 12.5% of the cost price of all prints sold. Both framed and unframed prints are available from the School Shop (Tel:01283 559323).

repton jocelyn_web.jpg


Dear Pilgrims,

The pandemic appears to have subsided sufficiently for club cricket to return to normal so we can all eagerly look forward to the 2022 season which will, in playing terms, be the first season of the club’s second century.

I must first look back to the centenary dinner which was a splendid and joyous celebration of the Club’s first hundred years. The evening involved an excellent dinner followed by short reminiscences by Pilgrims covering the decades of the club’s history which were in turn followed by speeches by the President Richard Hutton, and the Headmaster (an accomplished player and keen supporter of old boy cricket). I, both personally and on behalf of the membership, would like to thank all those involved in the organisation of the event; I would particularly like to mention the invaluable help from Leanne and Jess in the OR Office and James Ross who coordinated the event and whose excellent centenary brochure can be viewed on the Pilgrim website along with my second-hand recollections of 1930’s Pilgrims Cricket and an extensive candid photographic record of (probably) everyone who was there. Thanks also to Richard Hutton who (as was most fitting) kindly agreed to be President of the Club for a second time and who hosted the evening with skill and gentle humour.

Although no cricket was played the lockdown did produce a virtual reunion to remember the 50th anniversary of the remarkable 1971 senior housematch final between Brook House and the Mitre which was won on a no-ball by the Mitre when nine wickets down. See the article “The bat that broke” in the Winter 2021 edition of the Arch. I played in that match and I can still remember the exact position where I was fielding (extra cover) when master in charge Peter Mountford called the no-ball. Those exchanges then moved on to the first XI tour of Holland in 1971 which in turn led to the inauguration of the Alastair Gordon fielding cup in fond memory of Al who’s exceptional coverpoint point fielding had been a feature of the strong 1971 XI. 

The cyber interaction between members and efforts to publicise the centenary dinner highlighted the fact that the club did not have an up-to-date electronic database of its members. Thanks to Peter Bradburn we now have that database which will explain why you have received a link to the website and this message. Peter, with much help from Jan Cobb at the OR office, has worked long and hard to update the Club’s records which will enable the club to communicate to its membership in the future.

The first round of the Cricketer Cup is against The Oundle Rovers on June 12th at Oundle. Captained by former Leicestershire and Notts opener Greg Smith, Oundle Rovers is a strong side having lost in the final to the Old Millfieldians in last year’s competition.  If the Pilgrims can put out a strong Xl we are as good as anybody so I hope that all Pilgrims playing at elite level can do their best to be available for selection. From time to time really good players playing at a high level have slipped under the selection committee’s radar; if you think you may be in that category, please let Tom Poynton know asap ( Oundle is centrally placed so it is hoped that there will be a good number of supporters; I know there are already a number of Pilgrims who have said they are going so if you can join the party would be great to see you. As an incentive the OU’s have very kindly invited visiting Pilgrims for lunch – I imagine numbers are not unlimited so if you would like to attend the lunch, please let me know as soon as possible.

The other fixtures are as follows:

The Week (all matches at Repton by kind permission of Repton School)

5th  July vs Denstone T20 - Match Manager Ed Sloane
6th  July vs Lincolnshire Gentlemen - Match Manager Jim Blackwell
7th  July vs Oundle Rovers - Match Manager Tom Poynton
8th  July Staffs Gents - Match Manager Ed Sloane

5th  August vs Chatsworth at Chatsworth - Match Manager Ed Sloane

Assembling sides is always a trial so will anyone wishing to take part please let the match managers know asap – it will make their thankless task easier. Two further points: the game at Chatsworth looks very exiting; we hope make the most of the venue and if there is sufficient support will put on some food/refreshment (more details to follow) and, talking of splendid surroundings, one of the privileges of being a Pilgrim is to be able to play cricket on the Repton Square. Most club cricketers would give anything to be able to play on such a beautiful and iconic ground so I urge all playing Pilgrims to take every opportunity to play at Repton.

Finally, subs. The club needs at least £1,000 per year to be able to function. The main items being insurance (£500) and Cricketer Cup entrance fee (£250). The annual subscription is £15. Older Pilgrims are generally very good at paying their subs but the club needs more contributions from younger members. £15 is a modest amount but the more we get in the more the club can do. If you are not paying your sub please do so now. It helps me (as Hon Treasurer) if the subs come in on April 1st (as most do) so when setting up the standing order please pay this year’s sub now and set up the subsequent annual payments for April 1st next year. The club’s bank details are:

National Westminster Bank plc

Sort Code: 60 – 00 – 01

Account No. 08612056


With my best wishes to you all,

John Crane (B67)

President Repton Pilgrims Cricket Club

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