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May 30th, 2017

Limited Edition prints (limited to 350 only) are taken from an original oil painting by Jocelyn Galsworthy entitled “Repton Pilgrims Cricket Week - Repton School”.

Jocelyn Galsworthy has been painting professionally for over 40 years and has gained an enviable reputation for painting School and Test arenas all over the world including the 2005 Ashes series.

Her work was published in the book entitled “White Hats & Cricket Bats” which was foreworded by Henry Blofeld who said:

“Her talents are unique just as her presence under her white sun hat and idiosyncratic mini umbrella, at any and every major cricketing occasions, stamps it with the final seal of authenticity and approval”.

The retail price unframed is £80.00 plus £10.00 post and packing. Available from C M Boulton, 1 Tudor Hollow, Fulford, Stoke on Trent ST11 9NP. Tel:01782 397408. Email: The retail price framed is £145.00 inc VAT.

Delivery or collection of framed prints to be arranged with Mark Boulton. Framed prints will not be posted. The Repton Pilgrims will receive 12.5% of the cost price of all prints sold. Both framed and unframed prints are available from the School Shop (Tel:01283 559323).

repton jocelyn_web.jpg


January 6th, 2017

Being elected President of Repton Pilgrims Cricket Club is a huge honour and something I cherish greatly particularly when I look at my distinguished predecessors.  My first experience of involvement with The Pilgrims started as a fourteen year old cricket nut nearly fifty years ago.  The Hall used to provide four boys to score and operate the "tally" at home Cricketer Cup matches.  It provided some memorable moments not least meeting Colin Cowdrey when he was playing for the Old Tonbridgians.


On leaving Repton I became a Pilgrim and went on twenty five consecutive South Coast tours.  I also played in The Week and toured with The Pilgrims to Australia and Kenya.  I was in the 1983 squad which won the Cricketer Cup, the reward being a terrific day at Epernay in France sampling Moët and Chandon's finest produce.  I also played in a disappointing defeat in the 1985 final.


All of these experiences have been great fun and have led to lasting friendships to this day.  I sincerely hope that many Reptonian cricketers take the opportunity to be involved with a wonderful club.  I also wish very much that we continue to flourish as a club representing one of the great cricketing schools on a wonderful ground.


James Ross.  President Repton Pilgrims CC